National Honor Society

National Honor Society By-Laws


Section 1.
A. Only members of the sophomore, junior and senior class are eligible for election in the Big Bay de Noc’s Chapter of the National Honor Society.
B. Candidates eligible for election to this chapter will have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3.
C. Candidates should exercise leadership roles in both the school and the community.
D. Contributions made to school, classmates, and community, as well as attitude toward service shall be considered.
E. All aspects of character (including honesty, responsibility, respect for authority, courtesy, tolerance, and cooperation) shall be considered, positive as well as negative.

Election of Members

Section 1. The final selection of members to this chapter will be the majority vote of the Faculty Council consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal. There will be no specific quota or percentage of members per class. No principal or assistant principal may be on the Faculty Council. The chapter advisor shall be a non-voting, sixth member of the Faculty Council. The council shall meet at least once a year to select members and to consider dismissal, non-selection, and warning cases.
Section 2. Prior to final selection, the following will occur:
A. Students’ academic records will be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility.
B. Students who are eligible scholastically will be notified and asked to complete the Student Activity Information Form for further consideration for selection. Two letters of recommendation, one from faculty members and one from a community leader, must accompany the Student Activity Information Form.
C. All faculty will be requested to comment on candidates determined to be scholastically eligible.
D. The Student Activity Information Form, Letters of Recommendation, and faculty comments will be reviewed by the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council may wish to interview candidates personally. Candidates receiving a majority vote of the Faculty Council will be inducted.
E. National Honor Society By-Laws and Conduct Code will be reviewed and signed by candidates and parents.
Section 3. Selected candidates and their parents shall be notified in writing about election and the timing of the induction ceremony. Students who are not selected will also be notified in writing.
Section 4. The selection of active members will be held at the end of each year.
Section 5. An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers for this school will be given a letter indicating the status of his or her membership signed by the principal.

Probation and Dismissal

Section 1. Any member that falls below the standards of scholarship, leadership, character, or service may be dismissed from the Big Bay de Noc Chapter of the National Honor Society. A member of the National Honor Society is expected to maintainan active role in service and leadership within his or her school and community.
Section 2. If a member’s cumulative grade point average falls below the standard in effect when he or she was selected (3.3), he or she will be given a written warning and placed on probation. If the cumulative grade point average remains below 3.3 the next semester, the student will be released from the chapter.
Section 3. Violation of criminal law or school regulations can result in probation or dismissal of the student. The violations include, but are not limited to, DWI, stealing, destruction of property, cheating, truancy, smoking, or possession, selling, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
A. Possession, selling, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school, school-related activities or outside of school will result in removal from the National Honor Society.
Section 4. Offenders of the school conduct code (such as profanity, failure to comply, unexcused absences or tardiness, etc) will receive written notification. A conference may be requested by either party (Faculty Council or student/parent). If the member is involved in another school violation of the school conduct code, the member may be dismissed.
Section 5. Any member whose personal conduct is questionable, in accordance with the accepted norms of student behavior, may be dismissed by the Faculty Council.
Section 6. In case of pending dismissal:
A. The member will receive written notification of the reason for possible dismissal from the Advisor/Faculty Council. The member and advisor will discuss the written notification in a conference.
B. The member will be offered a hearing with the Faculty Council prior to dismissal (in accordance with due process identified in the National Constitution). The member has the opportunity to present his or her defense. The Faculty Council will then vote on whether to dismiss.
C. A letter of dismissal will be sent to the principal, student, and parent if the student is dismissed. Dismissed members must surrender any membership emblems to the advisor.
D. The member who is dismissed may appeal the decision of the Faculty Council and principal under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the Big Bay de Noc School district.
E. When a student is dismissed, he or she is no longer a member and may never again be considered for membership in the National Honor Society.


Section 1. All officers must have the necessary time to devote to making the society a working, useful, and productive one. Students who do not have the necessary time or dedication should think twice before considering seeking an office.
Section 2. The officers of the chapter will be president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer.
Section 3. Student officers will be elected (by majority vote) at the last meeting of each school year from chapter members of the junior class. They will hold office during their senior year.
Section 4. The president will take a leading role in projects and help write the annual report.
Section 5. Vice-President will take over if President leaves office. Additionally, the Vice-President will help write the annual report and help with the organization of projects.
Section 6. The secretary/treasurer will keep the minutes of the meetings, be responsible for correspondence, keep records of income and expenses, help write the annual report, and keep a record of each member’s contributions and services to the society.
Section 7. All officers will have a leading role in all projects.


Section 1. The chapter will determine one or more service projects for each year.
Section 2. All members will regularly participate in these projects. There will be a participation requirement of six hours each semester.
Section 3. These projects will have the following characteristics: fulfill a need within the school or community, have the support of the administration and the faculty, be appropriate and educationally defensible, and be well planned, organized, and executed.
Section 4. The chapter will publicize its projects in a positive manner.


Section 1. Attendance at meetings is mandatory. Student members with prior commitments must notify the advisor in advance.
Section 2. Meetings for the National Honor Society will be held on either a monthly or bimonthly basis, depending on need. Chapter meetings will be held immediately before, after, or during school.


Section 1. Any member who withdraws or is dismissed from the chapter will return the emblem to the chapter.
Section 2. If the member does not return their membership card and emblem, the matter will be treated as a school disciplinary matter.

Scholarship Nomination

Section 1.The faculty council will meet to discuss nomination of two seniors who exhibit outstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character to compete in the National Honor Society Scholarship Awards Program. Each nominee completes the Scholarship Selection Questionnaire. Nominees are also expected to write a brief statement on a topic assigned by the Scholarship Board. Teacher recommendations and principal’s judgment of the student form another part of the application.