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In February 1989 the Big Bay de Noc Board of Education established the Big Bay de Noc Scholarship Foundation. Board action was taken upon the recommendation of a group of citizens interested in establishing a financial foundation upon which to build an ongoing and perpetual scholarship program for graduates of Big Bay de Noc High School.

The foundation serves as an incentive for area students to seek higher education. It provides evidence of the confidence in the educational ability of local students, and provides proof of the area’s support for higher education.

In 2004, the scholarship committee decided to join The Delta County Community Foundation. Currently all other schools in the Delta-Schoolcraft ISD participate in this foundation. The foundation is an endowment fund, which means bigger and better scholarships for students here at Big Bay de Noc, due to larger amounts of investments being invested. It also means greater things for you the donor. Please consult the school office for some great tax credits available by donating to the community foundation, as a result of us joining the foundation. Your donation will be still be credited to the Big Bay de Noc Scholarship Account, through the foundation. Please watch for further information coming soon.

Regulations and Procedures of the
Big Bay de Noc Scholarship Fund

1. Scholarships are awarded as a one-time award and are not renewable. Exception is the Irene Johnson Scholarship. See requirements.

2. Scholarships may be awarded for any accredited two-year or four-year college, technical, or any other accredited school a high school senior might desire to attend to further his or her training.

3. Big Bay de Noc Scholarships will be a minimum of $250.00. All other scholarships will be in the amount of the interest generated per year.

4. All candidates submitting completed applications will be considered. A deadline date of the last Friday of April has been established. Applications are to be submitted to the Principal. Provision for late submission for special circumstances.

5. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a grade point average of at least 2.5, scholarship, citizenship, and last but not least, need. The students ACT and MEAP scores will be on the application. Student's academic record must be high enough to indicate a good likelihood of successful completion of their educational plans.

6. Alternates will be selected in case the original recipient is unable to make use of the scholarship, or if the scholarship is not claimed.

7. Scholarship winners will not be publicized until Awards Night.

8. Students attending Big Bay de Noc School for a minimum of two (2) high school years will be eligible to apply for available scholarships.

9. The selection committee will consist of three (3) community members. One (1) from each area of the school district (if possible), and one (1) non-voting member from the scholarship committee to answer any questions that may arise. The principal and counselor shall be available for consultation if the selection committee deems necessary.

10. The selection committee will meet the second week of May.

11. To receive the awarded scholarship, a class schedule and identification must be presented to the Scholarship Foundation Treasurer. Deadline for receiving the award scholarship is February 1st of the following year.

12. For the scholarships in which there are no requirements stipulated by the sponsors, the selection committee will choose to the best of their abilities.

Scholarship Treasurer:
Lori Dalgord
9054 00.25 Rd.
Garden, MI 49835

Regulations Revised February 2002 by Ann Harrington, Secretary.


Applications can be downloaded for printing or picked up at the the principal's office.

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